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Raqib Huq- CEO 

Raqib is a key player in the continued growth of professional service offerings. A network engineer by trade, Raqib is an expert at breaking down complex IT solutions into simpler terms that enable key decision makers to realize tangible benefits from their solution partner. One of his primary responsibilities and key accomplishment is the deployment of numerous Verizon VoIP nodes both nationally and internationally. Raqib has obtained pre and post sales certifications with vendors such as Juniper, Cisco and Shortel that encompass a wide range of technologies such as routing, switching, security and unified communication solutions. He manages JMA IT’s internal technology and easily relates to others with similar responsibilities. Raqib believes in cloud based IT solutions; he is leading the effort to move many JMA IT on premise tools to the cloud to support our future financial and business requirements.

Tidbit: “Take it to the cloud!”

Casim Fareed- COO/ Director 

Casim Fareed has 20 years of experience within the Malaysian corporate world serving on board of directors within multiple organizations including the IT, hospitality and timber sectors. Casim's strengths include developing appropriate strategic responses through fact- base planning to achieve both short and long term goals.

Raja Aznam- CIO/ Director

Raja Aznam has over 20 years of experience with banking and finance and IT projects within the financial and banking industries. His exposure includes account management, project and relationship management, business development and special projects involving financial IT applications, training, consulting and advisory roles for local, foreign, and government institutions.

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