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Work For Us: Lead and Learn.

The question you should ask is, “Why not work for JMA?” Whether you’re working on-site at a JMA office or at our customers venue, you’ll find that JMA has an open and inclusive culture with real people who are career-minded and always interested in sharing the next big idea.

That’s who we want-professionals who want to make their mark with a company that is growing so much faster than our competition that we can’t remember who they are.

Everyone who works at JMA IT has an opportunity to lead, learn and keep learning. Plus, we like to have fun, so all of this translates into a pretty good deal for you and your customers, don’t you think?


Staffing: Short and Long Term Assignments.

At JMA IT we strive to be the number one staffing provider for all our vendors. We collaborate with you to understand your desires. We enable you to gain greater control over your labor cost by quickly adjusting the size of your work force in response to changing market conditions.

With our vast staffing resources and stringent recruiting process, we will find the right talent to fill your short- or long-term assignments.

JMA Staffing

View the JMA Staffing Website to learn about all our available staffing opportunities--

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