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Reduce costs, accelerate innovation and build technological competency with mature software testing practices


JMA IT’s software testing experts utilize an end-to-end testing solution to deliver comprehensive software testing to ensure quality and risk control. Our team works closely with your organization to build a competency in testing and quality assurance that equips your business with the right tools and best practices to enable continuous quality assurance.

Our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) incorporates testing best practices and competencies with agile practices, emerging technology platforms, service oriented architecture (SOA), virtual test labs and much more to ensure a seamless experience from development to operations.

JMA IT’s quality processes are flexible; we can customize the right tools and practices for your organization’s specific needs across a broad variety of domains. We provide value in cost and time for efficient project implementation.


JMA IT’s testing services include:


Advisory Services: End-to-end testing assessments of technological and business processes from the initial phases of planning through final recommendations

Test Center of Excellence: Equip your business with the proper testing competencies to ensure continuous assessments

Test Automation: Consistently support your testing activities with tools and assets to support the entire spectrum of automation and continuous testing activities

Test Management: Control and manage testing activities through best practices, adoption of process automation and use of commercial ALM tools

Performance Testing: Utilize a wide range of strategic and tactical performance test and Performance Engineering services

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